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Heisenberg's mystic path

How would one determine whether the position and momentum of a moving golf ball manifests simultaneously? One can calculate the trajectory of the ball by assuming that the position and momentum of its centre-of-mass act simultaneously, and then check at various points along the trajectory whether the ball is there at that instant in time. If, in addition, one can only do the latter by having other golf balls colliding with the original golf ball, one can in principle launch an ensemble of golf balls in an identical way and then check with other golf balls at various points along the identical trajectories of the ensemble. One will then find a correspondence which confirms that both position and momentum must manifest simultaneously with 100% accuracy at every instant in time. When doing this for electrons one finds similarly that the position and momentum must also manifest simultaneously with 100% accuracy while an electron moves through space. Therefore it follows a well-defined traj

Einstein’s Misinterpretation of Time, Length and Inertial-Mass

Einstein claimed that the Lorentz-transformation of coordinates on, and phase-time of, a wavefront of a light-wave, causes "time-dilation" of real time, "length-contraction" of solid-matter, and that inertial-mass is equal to the gravitational-mass of Newton's law of gravity: In the document below these conclusions are revisited and found to be wanting...

The Bell on the Holy Island

During the beginning of the 20th century, on a small island in the sea north of Germany, there lived a group of devout people who believed that one should attend mass at least four times a day. They despaired about their neighbours on the same island, who, although also devout, did not attend as regularly. They thus considered this sorry state of affairs with their padre and came to a bright solution: They decided to build the highest tower possible and cast the largest bell they can muster to hang in the tower. Every time they go to mass this bell will be rung so that everybody on the island will hear it. This must surely remind them that there is mass and thus encourage them to attend. Unfortunately these devout people were a bit overambitious. When the tower and the bell were completed, they found that the bell was too large and too heavy to be lifted to the top of the tower. With the best equipment they could muster at that time, they could only succeed to lift the bell about 10 ce